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Milan - Italy





Web 2.0 Transformation Project

Roberta, Gianandrea, Paolo, Ivan, Giorgio and others (add your name here)


Brainstorming session about how to transform companies and move them to the Web 2.0.

Il manifesto




Business card on Sinatra / couchDB

Simone, Nicolas, Anna, Emanuele


The project aims to save many business card on couchDB.

CouchDB is useful because every business card may have different information on it and a regular database cannot handle a dynamic definition of fields.


Every business card is saved on a different CouchDB document.


The front end is dynamically generated and may accept a variable number of information.

The web application is made with the Sinatra framework.



Photo comparison on Facebook

Emiliano, Nadia, Vito


The project goal is to provide a tool for people to compare two photos and gather the overall preference.

We created the Facebook application that connects to a remote server which provides a widget with the comparison and accounting functionality.

Next steps: modifiy the widget to make it more compliant with the Facebook environment.


Project proposals


Arduino Last.fm Radio

Proposed by Edoardo

The idea is to use the Arduino with the Arduino Shield attached in a way to stream music by using the API provided by Last.fm in a way to create a radio that streams music streight from Internet withour the need of having a computer online. The API from Last.fm can be found at this link http://www.last.fm/api.


It turned out that we can't decode MP3 using the Arduino microcontroller. We need a hardware decoder which we don't have this time so the project is postponed to another hackup.


Personal Diary, Media Sharing and Social Networking

Proposed by Giorgio

I'm not really bringing a specific project but it's more a wide framework from where to start to find particular smaller application (maybe for FB). It's the thesis project for the Master in Interaction Design at Domus Academy and it tries to face the problem of social sustainability.


"Gem is a social software designed  for media consumers, which merges benefits from participative media collections and semantic social network. The underlying inclination of Gem is to spread ideas from one person to another, relying on the user-centered connections between media excerpts. The transmission of memes would work on two axis, opening a dialogue between popular culture and classical literature and, above all, connecting people from different cultures."


Here's the presentation and a shorter video overview.


Some critics the project received are about its ambitions and its efficiency to really help in the integration among cultures.

So I hope we might narrow down the system I started to design and maybe focus on a closer goal.

(Actually I don't have skills in programming for the web.. so well I still have to find out how could I be useful during the hack-up :)


The project has been discussed. The idea is good and we decided to postpone it to another issue of the hackup, starting to work with a specific technology.

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